Our vines, at 290 m, are planted on the northern slopes of Montalcino, which are characterised by cooler temperatures and marked thermal variations.

We have 13 hectares of vines, all of them Sangiovese Grosso, which surround the castle in 7 separate plots cultivated using spurred cordon and guyot: La Vigna del Velo, whose name derives from the chapel devoted to the Virgin of the Veil, the Vigna del Castello, the Vigna Sant’Anna, the Vigna del Lago, the Vigna dei Cipressi, the Vigna del Piano and the Vigna Nuova.

The composition of our soil, containing limestone clay and sand, is rich and even. Our vines are almost exclusively north facing which allows for uniform ripening.
Our cultivation methods are based on organic principles and respect for the intimate relationship between man and nature.


Cantine storiche Tricerchi 03

The cellars are located inside the castle, in what were once dungeons.  The temperature remains constant throughout the year, thanks to the thick walls and chambers of air above and below.

Our grapes are selected by hand and fermented using local yeasts with long periods of grape skin maceration.  The wine is refined using traditional methods in Slavonian durmast barrels, to bring out the flavours of the lands of Montalcino contained in the Sangiovese grapes.